Safety programs

Safe Electricity program

Your cooperative has a strong commitment to making sure everyone understands the safe use of electricity and precautions to take while working around electric equipment and appliances. That's why MiEnergy is part of a broad program called Safe Electricity.

Safe Electricity promotes safety awareness through many communications, including general and detailed information for members, children's games that focus on educating youth about electric safety as well as activities and resources for teachers.

Safety demonstrations

To help increase the safety awareness and well-being for its members, your cooperative provides a safety program for interested groups. This interactive program is ideal for school and community organizations and focuses on the importance of high voltage safety. The safety demonstration is an innovative teaching aid designed to convey important messages on electrical safety. The model size electrical system allows the audience to witness the result of electrical contact with conductors such as trees, ladders and vehicles. To help further convey the seriousness of electrical safety, special effects including neon figures that light up and electrical arcs are incorporated.

This educational demonstration has been successfully utilized at schools, 4-H meetings, church groups, scouting events and farm safety day camps. In addition to high voltage electrical safety, the generation and transmission of electricity, household electrical safety and careers in the electrical field can also be discussed.

For more information about safety demonstrations in Iowa, contact:   For more information about safety demonstrations in Minnesota, contact:
Wayne Hageman
Director of Operations
  Chad Chaffee
V.P. System Operations- Minnesota