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Looking for some tips on incorporating energy efficiency into your life? Check out Questline’s eLibrary. The energy library is filled with valuable resources, tips and more. Topics include home comfort, home appliances, lighting, home safety, lawn/outdoor spaces, green living and cars and trucks. 

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With Questline you also have access to HVAC, home energy use and carbon-footprint calculators. The information is designed to help you benchmark your home’s energy use and identify energy-saving opportunities.

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Looking  for some quick tips on how to save on energy? Questline has compiled over 30 energy-saving tips to help you lower your energy bills and shrink your carbon footprint. The tips cover a range of topics including cooling and heating strategies, insulation and lighting. 

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Subscribe to MiEnergy Cooperative Questline, a free ecommunication and home-energy resource. This monthly non-promotional ecommunication is geared to our residential customer and focuses on ways that homeowners can improve energy efficiency and save money. You will also find articles on new ideas for conserving water, green initiatives, and the latest energy technologies. 

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