Power line safety

“Teach Learn Care TLC” Campaign: Safe on the BusBus driver with bus with headline Safe on the bus

On an April morning in 2016, Clint Shults was driving a school bus to take students to an FFA competition in Rangely, Colorado. The team’s horse judging coach, Silvia, followed the bus in her car. Heavy, wet snow had been accumulating, and the bus snagged a power line just as it was falling to the ground under the weight of the snow. “We started dragging power lines for the next at least 100 yards, and knew we were in pretty tough shape,” Clint says. From behind the bus, Silvia witnessed several bursts of fire. Fortunately, Clint, dispatch, and first responders knew the right steps to take to keep everyone safe.

Visit MiEnergy's YouTube page to watch the three minute video. 

Driver's Education Video: Surviving Auto Accidents Involving Downed Power Lines

Each year, accidents in which motorists hit power poles happen tens of thousands of times. Each accident has the potential to bring live power lines to the ground. Tragically, many drivers and passengers who survive the impact are electrocuted when they attempt to leave the vehicle. In the vast majority of cases, the safest action is to stay inside the vehicle until the local electric utility is on the scene to assure the lines are de-energized.

Visit MiEnergy's YouTube page to watch a video produced by Safe Electricity. The six minute video features the story of two teenagers who experienced an accident involving downed power lines. Because they had recently learned the right steps to take, they survived. It includes clips from a live power line demonstration explaining why its vital to stay inside the vehicle until the electric utility confirms that the lines are de-energized. The full 30 minute power line demo can be seen on www.SafeElectricity.org, along with a similar video on the teens' story.