How to pay your bill

Automatic payment plan

The automatic payment plan is a convenient way to pay your monthly electric bill. You'll write fewer checks each month, you'll save on postage and your bill will be paid on time. Each month you'll receive a statement indicating the amount that will be withdrawn from your bank account. 

To enroll, login through SmartHub or complete the Automatic Payment Form (fillable PDF) and return it to our office.

Credit card payment plan

To make your monthly payment using a VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover, login through SmartHub or contact the office at 1-800-432-2285.

Drop box

MiEnergy has a drop box area at both its Iowa and Minnesota locations.

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Payment by phone

All calls made to our office to make a payment will be transferred to a secure payment site to use an automated voice response system. The secured payment phone line is designed to protect consumers and their financial information.

You may still call the office to discuss your account. However, you will be transferred to the secure payment interactive voice response system to make a payment.

You may access this system with either your account number (located on the top right corner of your bill statement) or your phone number. If you do not know your account number, call our office (1-800-432-2285) for that information. You will be asked to confirm your service address.

To use the Pay by Phone system, call 1-877-853-6517

Follow the prompts and you'll hear the following options:

Press 1 To check your account status or balance
Press 2 To make a payment
Press 3 To update or delete your stored payment information
Press 4 To edit your recurring payment information
Press 5 To enter, create or change your PIN # (required only if paying by check)
Press 6 To update your phone number
Press 9: To repeat menu


SmartHub provides members with 24/7 online access to their electric accounts. 

Login to SmartHub:

For more information, view a list of SmartHub FAQ

To create a login, visit the SmartHub site.