Home heating programs

If you utilize MiEnergy's load management program for electric heating, you may be amazed at how competitive it is to heat with electricity when compared to other fuel sources. It can be a very affordable way to heat your whole house or areas that are challenging to keep warm. Beyond being affordable, electric heat provides a clean, safe and consistent form of heat. MiEnergy's current load management electric rate is 7¢ per kWh from September to May. The rate is 10¢ per kWh for the months of June through August. How does load management work? There are two types of load management for heating:

Dual fuel: Typically, on the coldest days of the winter, when demand for electricity is high, your cooperative's power supplier sends a signal to your electric heating system to automatically switch to a backup non-electric heat source. In order to participate in the dual fuel program, the backup heating system must be automatic and capable of heating the entire house during load control periods. The backup source needs to be able to handle a control of 12 hours in any 24-hour period. The backup heating system should also have an adequate supply of fuel during these periods. Electric heat can be interrupted at anytime during the day or night to manage the system peaks.

Heat storage: If your electric heating system is able to store heat (i.e. in-floor heat  in a bed of sand or electric thermal storage technology) your system "charges" during off-peak hours when electric demand is low and then stores the heat energy so it is available whenever the thermostat calls for heat. A stored heating system is typically controlled up to 16 hours a day everyday of the year during peak times.

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