MiEnergy and electric cooperatives through the U.S. are continually working with local, state and U.S. representatives and senators to ensure affordable energy costs for the future. MiEnergy does not choose particular political parties, but instead works to educate all legislators on the possible effects particular bills can have on their constituents.

At times MiEnergy calls on its membership to send correspondence, whether by mail or email, to legislators. These grassroots efforts have been successful in the past in changing components in bills before they become laws.

Keeping electric rates affordable is a big concern of the membership. In past surveys it is one of the number one issues of importance to members and it is why MiEnergy gets involved with the political process. The cooperative works on behalf of the membership to ensure legislation includes affordability.

Keep up-to-date with our recent legislative and grassroots efforts on the both state and federal levels. We are working hard for our members and issues that affect the cooperative. “Grassroots” has an electric co-op definition, one that reflects its importance in the industry. “Grassroots” refers to electric cooperative activists – directors, managers, employees and member-owners – who take an active role in the political process to protect their co-op from harmful legislation and regulation, as well as to promote the value of co-op ownership to their legislators.

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There are several options to help you stay connected:

1. email
KEEP RURAL ELECTRICITY AFFORDABLE. Your cooperative has been very active in Des Moines, St. Paul and Washington, D.C., making sure our legislators know what effects laws could have on utility costs for our members. 

Sign up today to be included in email communications from MiEnergy so you are armed with the facts that matter to co-op members. Sign up via email today to and provide your email address. If you change your mind, rest assured, you can unsubscribe simply by notifying MiEnergy.

2. twitter
go to and start ‘following’ MiEnergy. We urge our members to stay connected in ‘real time’ with legislative issues affecting the co-op which in turn affect you as a member.

3. newsletters
Watch for periodic articles in the monthly publication. Copies can also be downloaded here as they are published.

4. websites
Iowa’s member-owned electric cooperatives take pride in representing the interests of the rural families and businesses they provide electricity to. That’s why electric cooperative member-consumers are banding together and leading the way in discussing what needs to be done to ensure they will have the power they need to support future economic growth in their communities. You can help your electric cooperative in this effort by continuing the discussion with friends, family and elected officials.
The Take Action Network for America’s electric cooperative. Make your voice heard in the halls of Congress and in your own state legislature. Not only is it your right to tell your legislators what you think about proposed legislation, it is also your duty! A direct website when we ask for “Call-To-Action” grassroots help from our members.

5. contact your elected officials:

Iowa Minnesota
Senator Chuck Grassley Tina Smith, U.S. Senator 
Senator Joni Ernst Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Senator
Representative Abby Finkenauer, district 1 Jim Hagedorn, U.S. Representative, district 1
Representative Steve King, district 4 Gene Pelowski, MN Representative, district 31A
Senator Waylon Brown, district 26 Greg Davids, MN Representative, district 31B
Senator Michael Breitbach, district 28 Steve Drazkowski, MN Representative, district 21B
Representative Jane Bloomingdale, district 51 Jeremy Miller, MN Senator, district 31
Representative Todd Prichard, district 52 Mike Goggin, MN Senator, district 21
Representative Michael Bergan, district 55 Tim Walz, Governor
Representative Anne Osmundson, district 56  
Governor Kim Reynolds