Energy savings guides

Use Energy Wisely Guide (266 KB). Use this guide to create an awareness of your lifestyle and learn what effects it can have on your energy budget. Make this your first step to better energy management. This guide provides approximate energy use by appliance.

Home Energy Savings Guide (441 KB). This Home Energy Savings Guide is a starting point to get you on the way toward better energy management for your home. In this booklet you’ll find valuable tips designed to create greater home comfort and improve performance. There is a list of additional resources located at the end of this booklet. 

101 Low-Cost/No-Cost Home Energy Saving Measures (410 KB). Everything you do, not matter how small, can add up to big savings for you. From flipping a switch to upgrading to CFLs. So take your pick and save your money.

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From the Iowa Energy Center: 

Home Series Book 1: Home Tightening, Insulation and Ventilation (1.5 MB)

Home Series Book 2: Home Heating and Cooling (1.7 MB)

Home Series Book 3: Water Heating (2.7 MB)

Home Series Book 4: Major Home Appliances (1 MB)