Community solar

MiEnergy Cooperative's community solar project, Renewable Rays, consists of 180, 410-watt units in Rushford and 90, 275-watt units in Cresco that are being offered to members of the cooperative. 

Members can purchase the output of a unit that will allow a one-for-one credit from the output of the community solar project to the member's monthly electric bill for the next 20 years. The unit output cost includes insurance, operations, maintenance and all other costs associated with operating the community solar project over 20 years.

The project is designed NOT to be subsidized by members not participating in the project. MiEnergy is also pleased to report that its community solar model is being used by electric cooperatives all across the United States and implemented through the National Renewables Cooperative Organization.

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Other options

If you have considered installing renewable energy to power your home, but are not comfortable with the long-term investment, Evergreen is a great alternative. Evergreen is a renewable energy program available for homes, farms or businesses.

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For more information about renewable energy contact:

Ted Kjos
Vice President of Marketing & External Relations