About electric cooperatives

You're an owner of a successful energy business

As a member of a cooperative, you are also an owner of your company. You have a voice in the operation of your not-for-profit organization through the elected representatives to the cooperative board of directors. The board of directors hires the president/CEO, who in turn hires other employees to run the day-to-day operation of the business. Because the directors are members of the cooperative themselves, they live with the rates and policies that they set. Their decisions are made in the best interest of the cooperative. These representatives are your neighbors, and they are also directly affected by the decisions that are made to carry out the business of the cooperative.

As an owner, you share in the success of the cooperative through dividends or capital credits. You receive the dividend based on the business that you've done (electric energy purchased) with the cooperative.

Competitive energy rates are another benefit of being part of an electric cooperative. The rates and service fees set by your cooperative are cost-based, providing you the lowest prices to deliver that service or product. MiEnergy has several programs designed to help you reduce your energy costs by utilizing off-peak electricity.

In addition to providing assistance for selecting your new heating and cooling system, your electric cooperative also has rebates to help reduce the cost of installing your new high efficiency electric system. One of the greatest assets that you have available as a cooperative member is the accessibility to local professionals. Personal service from someone you can trust. That's your electric cooperative. More details about electric cooperatives.